The New Morning Light Life Center

New Morning Light Life Center Capital Campaign, “Lord give us this mountain ”, Zechariah 4:5-7


The purpose of the life center is to establish evangelism at home and abroad; to establish ministries for men and women with the use of education, rehabilitation, employment, and family life enhancement.

In addition, there will be ministries for youth and children by implementing model programs which will include athletics, a math/science institute, spiritual retreats, counseling, scholarships, and programs for children at risk.

The vision embraces a Family Enrichment Program which will be comprised of a Married Couples’ Ministry, Singles’ Ministry, Senior Citizens Outreach, retirement homes and the Women at Work (WAW) Ministry.


The ministries of the life center will be accommodated in the following , facilities: Nursery School, Academy, Gymnasium, Natorium, Football, Stadium, Baseball Field, Large Capacity Worship Center with Educational Facilities.

​The work of the Life Center will be implemented by a staff of approximately 300 people filling the gamut from teachers, principles, trainers, secretaries, transportation personnel, janitorial engineers, lawn maintenance crews, police, medical staff, media personnel, printers, food service workers, counselors, nutritionists, musicians, career planners, travel agents, financial planners, lawyers, small business consultants, real estate agents, tellers, etc.