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Pastor Robert L. HodoPastor Robert L.Hodo

With the effort to uncover the essence of our foundation, I would like to share with you some distinguishable qualities of our fellowship.New Morning Light is a young church that has grown since it's inception in 1991. Proof of our program has been witnessed by the eight orginal members who helped strengthen New Morning Light, setting it on a steadfast path. I am attentively aware that God is working great miracles throughout the fellowship. This is a vision that has become a victorious reality. We are a multi-cultural church, with a global scope of changing lives to reach every dimension of humankind.

Here at New Morning Light, we believe in holistic religion, whereby God is able to meet all the needs in our daily lives. These include but are not limited to mental, physical and spiritual needs. God is able to accomplish this using various modes whether it is people, or the Word. All of God's benevolence is your destiny and the New Morning Light family is here to help you claim it.

Do you know that the Bible begins in Genesis by stating that God called light and light became? Light is also symbolic of understanding, or an intense grasp of a concept you already know, or possess. I welcome you to visit us and to be a part of the light. My congregation and I warmly await your presence.


Our Mission is to change lives through the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish a relationship with Him.


The Vision of the Ministry of New Morning Light Baptist Church is to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth by the Word of God in and through every dimension of man. Evangelism, Ministry to Men, Women, the Youth, and Family Enrichment are the main focus of the vision.



Worship at New Morning Light Baptist Church is centered in exhalting Jesus Christ as Lord of all through experiencing God-His Power and Personal Touch. Our worship is sensitive to seniors and youth congregations. We promise a festive atmosphere of worship. Emphasis is on the quality of the worship service and a sincere spiritual experience.

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